Atlas Animalia: Player Options (D&D 5e)

Atlas Animalia: Player Options (D&D 5e)

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Explore Diversity

Hidden away in Atlas Animalia we noted a few variants of creatures that could technically be variant races. And so, we made them playable races. 
Races include:


  • Axoltotlean Lizardfolk
  • Chameleon Lizardfolk
  • Komodo Lizardfolk
  • Wetland Lizardfolk


  • Amanita Muscaria Mushromfolk
  • Bearded Tooth Mushromfolk
  • Mossy Mushromfolk
  • Morell Mushromfolk

Treefolk - treant

  • Banyan Treefolk
  • Oak Treefolk
  • Willow Treefolk
  • Grafted Treefolk