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Baby Bestiary: Caretaker Warlock (D&D 5e)

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Protect, Nurture & Ascend

Perhaps you were a student of magic, or maybe just an explorer. Whatever you once were, your entire life has changed since you have discovered this great creature.
Unlike most warlocks who are granted their power by making a pact with a extraplanar entity. You are bestowed your power by your selfless protection and nurturing of a young patron. Gaining power as the patron does, your relationship is that of caring and friendship, of course with the highs-and-lows of rearing a young, but very powerful creature.

Inspired by the Baby Bestiary, this supplement will provide you with a rework of the warlock, providing you with new invocations and new patrons to adopt (including the pheonix, couatl, dragon turtle, and dragon).

These are in playtest phase- we just released the full-class re-work, it still needs to be edited but we're looking foreward to your feedback (which you can provide in the comment below or in the survey linked in the PDF!