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Embers System Companion: D&D 5e

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Discover the Forgotten and the Forlorn in your D&D 5th ed Campaign

This is a stats supplement to the Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom 'setting' book

Discover the tragedy of King Brennin,
the one who failed and broke the land,
and cast it into chaos.

In a land beset by the Endless Summer,
what will you do?
Bring an end to Brennin’s tragedy?
Seek an end to the curse?

Or perhaps…  something else entirely?


If you are looking to emulate the Dark Souls or Soulsian style in your D&D 5th edition ruleset, this book will provide you with a number of rules options to bring your forlorn realm to life. In addition, there are detailed boss fights for the core charcters of the Embers handbook, tailored just for the 5e. 

This book does not contain the lore or background information about the characters from the Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom corebook.